Rider Options

(Jeff Yoder (PCSM)) #1

When I log in, I go right to the screen to selected my sensors, then directly to the course. I cannot find where I can change the Rider shirts or Bike colors anymore. How do I get there?

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

Hit ‘t’ on the keyboard, it will give you the rider options.

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #3

Hit ‘m’ to send a message to other nearby riders. Hit ‘spacebar’ to use the power-ups. Hit ‘u’ to change from imperial to metric. Hit ‘a’ to go back to ant+ setup.

(Jeff Yoder (PCSM)) #4

Are those shortcuts listed anywhere?

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #5

I am certain when Zwift gets out of Beta, they will have this type of information listed somewhere conveniently. For now, it resides in the heads of Zwiftlanders and is shared freely.

(Jeff Yoder (PCSM)) #6

The answers are always in the heads of the patriarchs. Thanks for the help.