Rider not moving

(Michael Ippolito) #1


 I’ve set everything up properly and everything is paired. I have setup my speed/cadence sensor and HR monitor, no power and everything is paired and showing on screen to be working fine. Rider not moving when attempting to start riding. I’ve followed all instructions in related articles and nothing helps. Ive actually tried complete install on 2 different PCs to see if it was PC specific issue and same thing occurs on both PCs. Anyone have a fix for this?


(. TomH..) #2

Hi Michael, 

We’re sorry to hear. Can you tell us what equipment you’re using and give us some screenshots perhaps? 

Thank you

(Steven Fielke Team AHDR) #3

Hi Michael,

Ive been having the same problem, on about 75 - 80% of my rides. My avatar has ‘frozen’ more than once in many instances. I usually stop pedalling and wait for the avatar to become ‘unfrozen’. I have no idea why this issue persists.