Rider not moving at low watts

Having a few niggles with zwift recently. When pedalling at a low wattage 30/35 watts like i might do on a real bike, my avatar doesn’t move. I can gently spin away and the rider will not move or occasionally start and immediately stop again. I don’t quite understand this aspect of zwift. Unless there is real positive engagement, the fly wheel will quite happily spin down but my rider will have long since stopped.
Can anyone offer any advice? Using a kickr snap v2 and applet tv4k

If you are doing that low of watts and going up a virtual incline I would suspect you could stop.

Zwift speed is determine by watts, weight entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting, and virtual elevation changes.

No even on the flat it does the same :thinking:

I have never tried pedaling at that low of watts on Zwift, but it may not be enough to get the bike moving.

Not sure if its related, but on a calibration the spin down will complete long before the rear wheel stops spinning, 20 seconds or so… Which translates in to the game with the rider stopping very quickly after stopping pedalling. There is no coasting like on a real bike.
Can’t help thinking my setup isn’t q right but maybe that’s normal?

Have to tried doing a calibration/spin down using the Wahoo app?

Yes does the same. Should the spindown complete as the rear wheel stops rotating??

 No. Spin down is complete when it says so.

Note: If I use my Stages PM’s to control my KickR in Zwift, I’ll not move when doing 30 watts and on a hill. With the KickR as both controllable and speed source, I move at 30 watts. Direct drive is the way to go in Zwift.

Hi Neil,

It looks like you’ve got the KICKR Snap paired to Zwift on your Apple TV. 

I’d recommend checking to make sure your Apple TV isn’t physically blocked by anything. For example, is it inside of the cabinet in your entertainment center? If it’s blocked in any way, it could be interfering with the signal. If that’s the case, try giving the Apple TV box a direct line of sight to your KICKR Snap and see if that helps.

It’s also a best practice to force close the Zwift app on your Apple TV.
Here’s a How-to-Geek article describing how to do that with your remote. As a general rule, we recommend force eclosing the app after you ride/before you start a new session, just to make sure there’s no old data causing problems.

Lastly, please review our KICKR Troubleshooting guide and you may resolve the issue by following the suggested troubleshooting tips there. Common solutions like doing a Spindown calibration and updating your trainer firmware can help resolve a number of issues with the Wahoo Kickr trainers. 

If none of that helps, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further troubleshoot this issue with you.