Rider Nearby Column constantly dissappering

(Joe 'Twin Tubs'Walker PACK SWEEP) #1

The last 4 rides (including a Zwift group Ride) , after about 15 -20 miles the right hand screen looses all its riders and the maps go blank of any other rider…It is like you are riding alone…Is there a fix for this…as I keep having to quit the ride  , save it , and start again …which isn’t ideal…Thanks for your help in advance…Joe

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #2

I was having the same issue, and swift recommended to:

If your Internet connection is stable, check your firewall and create an exception for Zwift to see if that makes a difference (this includes your anti-virus firewall, router firewall, and modem firewall). And if you have a proxy or VPN, try disabling that.

So I did, I disable my Symantec Antivirus software, and added an exception for the Zwift application.  Rode today for one and half-hour and had no further issues.  Try it.