Rider moves to left of road, out of draft, at start of race

I’ve seen this bug raised before and I think it affects specific courses. At the start of a race (twice today in NY) my rider moves to the left of the road, by itself, out of the pack and presumably the draft. It rejoins about 300m into the race but by that time I’m either out of puff or the pack has moved on. Is there a way to fix this? Someone suggested warming up on Watopia prior to joining the pen. I’m on windows using ANT+, not using a Sterzo.

Same thing happen for me tonight on the Ineos Grenadiers ride. Ever time I drafted, either me catching a wheel or someone passing me the avatar shot of to the right. Total unrideable in a bunch. Didn’t happen on my warmup ride lap in New York or a small ride on Makuri after. Even entered a race later on which was ok…so baffled.
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