Rider going too slow


Just bought a tacx vortex smart, the issue im facing is the rider is really slow.
It takes around 5 seconds of cycling for the rider to get on the bike and start riding and when they do i’m going what looks like no faster than walking.
Top lefft says around 1.1kw power and circa 20mph. Yet the rider looks really slow. Like it just looks odd. Any help would be apprecaited.


-tacx vortex smart, UK
-connected to my ipad via bluebooth, all connected up using power,cadence, controllable
-I’ve callobrated via the tacx app
-I’ve updated the frimware and re-callobrated
-It’s set up correctly, im using a 29inch hybrid wheel
-correct weight and size set.

Like 1,100W? That’s really high sprint power. I don’t know if I can do that for 15s as a reasonably trained 93kg guy. Most cannot do that at all for even very short durations?

Or did you mean 1.1 w/kg (power to weight ratio)? That’s on the right side where your name is located.

20mph is not slow on flat ground. Are you referring to the leg speed of your avatar? Like legs are moving slow?

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