Rider does not move on meetup


During the last 2 meetups that my son has done with his friends, he is waiting for the meetup to start, pedalling on his ghost turbo and as soon as the meetup actually starts, everyone else moves off and he is stuck there not moving.

Any ideas anyone?

Hi @Malc_Hughes, please give us a rundown of the devices and sensors he uses, what trainer, etc. Are the signals dropping while he is waiting for the meetup to start?

You can also check signal and network connectivity by dropping the most recent log file into zwiftalizer.com Here is how you find your log file: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/locating-log-files-BykKO63fr


He is using garmin speed and cadence sensor with a dell lattitude 5590 which is an i5 8th generation processor with a intel UHD 620 graphics card. Zwift companion on phone. Had no problems at all until the last 2 meetups.

Have put log file in to ziftalizer and it shows not internet drop outs but after that I dont know what I am looking for.

Attached some print screens of the data

The graphics frames per second are extremely low, try lowering the resolution in the Zwift settings menu when in the game down to 720, that might help. There are also a bunch of network errors and that is probably a cause as well. If on wifi, try moving closer to the router or change the channel on the router to 1 or 3.

Thanks for your quick reply - will try these things and see.

Thanks again