Rider display oddness today, riders flashing across in front of me.

(Eric Vlaanderen) #1

During lap 7, beyond the KOM, but before the big downhill (somewhere near a cabin on the left)(mile 22-23?)… Real riders (and I think AI) started to appear to cross quickly in front of me, at angles nearly perpendicular to the road.

They would come in to view, not from the side of the screen, but “appear”, and then they’d disappear before getting to the left edge of screen.

This seemed to go away within a mile. I was almost done for the day, at that point, so I didn’t see if it happened again on another lap.

(L Read) #2

Yep, I saw that too- many riders zigzag all over the screen- on and off the road. Looked like I was at a cyclocross race for a while.

(Brian Hill) #3

I just had the same thing happen to me tonight. A few zig-zaggers about 1/2 way through my ride. I also found a few folks riding through the grass way off to the left side of the road. Off-roadin’ on their roadies…

(Trent Haas) #4

I noted the same thing today.

(Harvey Keefe) #5

I’m having a similar experience today with riders pirouetting all over. This is even happening with my own rider.
It seems to be happening if I ride too fast.
A possible drop in Internet connection/graphics card combination issue maybe?

(Richie Close (RACEWBR) A) #6

Saw the same thing in front of me at 10:30am gmt this morning. 1 real rider.

(Harvey Keefe) #7

That could quite possibly have been me Richie :slight_smile:
I was finding that this stopped when I reduced my speed.
It was sending me a little dizzy, so kept switching camera view.

(Eric Vlaanderen) #8

How do you switch views?

(Harvey Keefe) #9

Eric, I’m switching views using the numeric keys 0 - 9
There are several views including rider, above, helicopter, spectator, road only etc.
The default view is 1

(Richie Close (RACEWBR) A) #10

Hey Harvey - good to know I was not seeing things - was pretty light headed after trying for a jersey just before :slight_smile: thought if I passed you that you’d fix yourself!

(Greg Woitzik) #11

Saw the same thing today with a few riders doing the zig zag thing.

(Frode Vullum [V]) #12

Saw the same problem on my yesterdays ride.

(Mil Milojevic MMH) #13

Yes - I saw that too.
My avatar also oscillated side to side at 45% degree angle - mostly at the same place on each lap - just before a down hill stretch before a bend - after that bend the flat top snow covered mountain comes into view.
It corrected itself after a 100m or so.

(Harvey Keefe) #14

So, last night I tried using Zwift on my other laptop and what a difference it was!

My rider was no longer pirouetting all over the road when I went above 15 mph. The result is due to my other laptop having a far superior graphics card and the rendering of the scenery was brilliant.

In addition this also proved that it’s also not essential to have a really fast internet connection.