Rider culling broken in races? Z Pro Tri Series // Race 2

Watching Z Pro Tri Series // Race 2 live on YouTube at the moment, it’s really hard to follow as there doesn’t appear to be any rider culling going on. We can see all normal riders, people going the other way, people doing workouts, runners…

Must be very off-putting if the racers themselves are seeing this, but it’s pretty bad as a viewer too.

That is a option for the race organizer to set.

It is very distracting even for the riders when the organizer does not pick Closed roads.

We have the same issue with the KOA race series, many riders all over the place.

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Ah, OK. I’ve never seen any race with anyone not part of the race before.

This one had the Yates brothers in their team kit riding with the two leaders! Makes a bit of a mess of the legitimacy of the race. =)

I wonder if it should be an option for races even. Is there ever a time you’d want a race with non-participants visible? Group ride, sure I can see that, but they’d affect a race only in negative ways surely.

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