"Ride with me" setup.

I would like to see a “Ride with me” option at start up. So that a rider can make a group ride with friends or anyone else that has the same w/kg in mind. The one that sets up the “Ride with me”. in the first place, will get a beacon while riding. Like there is a list of riders in game, there could be a “Ride with me” list below this list.

The setup should include a w/kg taget, for the ride, that is announced in the list of “Ride with me”.

Not to be confused with events and official group rides. But rather to get friends riding together at any given time. Or if someone is looking for a social ride at their own w/kg.

It should be possible to join the “Ride with me” at any given point while the one setting up the ride is still riding. As soon as the ride creator finish the ride, the “Ride with me” will disappear from the list. This way you do not have to wait for a particular person to show up. You just start riding and they can join you later.

Set up so everyone follows the same route. Really difficult to ride with others if the route is nit pre determined 

I was thinking more like an elastic band to the ride initiator. Everyone joining will be prompted to do the same turns. That way the route can be changed on the go, if people want to.

Good idea.  Need more group /ad hoc options than just the approved events which seem pretty centrally controlled.