ride with friends

so I’m trying to ride with a young swift member. I am set up using power on a classic style fluid trainer; Kurt Kinetic. My club member is set up on classic turbo trainer but using speed and cadence coupled with ‘Z Power’. We are trying to ride together and based on weight I’m guessing the watts per kg should allow us to do that and even out our effort. However we can’t seem to manage it, trying to ride a the same watts is clearly more effort for the rider using ‘Z Power’.

Can you make any suggestions? How do we sort this out so that we can both ride together. I know from riding on the road we are closely matched in terms of ability and watts per kg. 

Also the younger club member is only 37kg we can’t seem to enter this weight in to Zwift; why?

Zwift was primarily designed for adults, so there is a minimum effective weight limit right now. We’ve been discussing changes to make the platform more accommodating for younger riders in the future.

While the speed difference may only be due to having to pull extra weight, you may also want to pass on the zPower setup guide to make sure all their other setup aspects match our expectations.

Hi I understand, but surely if this is based on weight the younger and lighter rider should be quicker for the same power effort?

If you are using Z Power should there be an FTP figure entered or not?