Ride With does not properly work for 'PRL Full'

Last time I selected Ride With to join a rider who did the PRL Full. I joined this rider at the 11th lap. All went ok until the roundabout near Box Hill. The original rider rounded the roundabout as by route, but I was sent straight to Box Hill.

When selecting Ride With, Zwift should respect the current location in the route of that rider and let you continue from there on.

Hi @AlexanderPerdon
This sounds like maybe a one-time glitch? I’d be curious if this is reproducible. Would you be willing to join a friend again and see if happens again?

If you would power off your iPad and reboot before your next attempt, that would help eliminate a local app glitch as a cause. If you would take note of what world / route again, it would help us troubleshoot / reproduce the error on our end. Thanks.

It is not that common a friend will ride such a course. Maybe there are some alternatives. For example PRL Half and Bigfoot Hills also have common sections along the course.

Is it possible to simulate this in a lab setup?