Ride partially saved - how do I get full ride download, completion jersey and badge?

Just completed the Norseman Festival of Climbing - Uber Pretzel. Received my Norseman jersey, badge and added another 22km on top of the ride. My ISP was cyber attacked this morning and internet went down unbeknown to me towards the end of the ride. Ride not effected but it only partially saved - have lost 26km, my jersey and badge. Emailed Zwift support - any ideas in the interim? Have looked at fit files on my computer, ride not there, was using Apple TV. The file that did download is corrupted and you can’t see anything behind it or upload to Strava etc…Help!

One cannot upload rides (partial or full) to Zwift.


Thanks. Do you know if Zwift can recover them though?

Once cannot recover information not available… Unfortunately, it seems as if the file on Zwift’s servers is incomplete.

Thanks tipping that’s what Zwift will tell me. Will wait to see and confirm or otherwise.