Ride on trainer maxes out at 500watts

Why does my ride on trainer always max out at 500 watts? I have to set it to “setting 2” but I noticed that if I want to sprint and my cadence is “too high” (about 80-90rpm) the watts reading will drop down 100 or 200 watts and I’ll slow down. Why does it do this? I know my setup isn’t expensive, but I feel like I am being penalized for having a cheap setup. Do you think I have a bad sensor maybe?

There isn’t a 500W limit I don’t think. If you’d said 400W it would be zpower. Unless you just mean the line on screen.

Depends on the trainer I think, some of the power curves do have a max.

This must be a magnetic style rather than fluid trainer? The setting is important as that is the power curve Zwift is using for that specific trainer. Changing that setting can result in further inaccurate power numbers.

Is your wheel slipping perhaps? Make sure the tire is set to the correct pressure and that the trainer is applying enough force against the tire.

Depends on how you define penalized, some people on older setups can go pretty fast :wink:

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Yes it’s zpower. I don’t think my wheel is slipping but as I increase my power I can maintain a few seconds at 499 watts but if I go a bit faster, it’ll suddenly drop my zpower rating to 300. I’d be fine if it maxed out at 500 watts but the sudden drop is really weird.

It could be an issue with the speed sensor, maybe a new battery perhaps?