Ride-on option gone? [SOLVED] [Game v.1.12.1]

I think the white circle must have stopped working for most people… VERY quiet on the courses this evening (almost zero ride on noises). Mine has not come back since the latest update - no workarounds or restarts have altered that. I’ve been riding without the app.

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I’ve had the circle not appear at the start of the of the majority of my free rides this past week to ten days. It then reappears randomly, apparently.

Have tried the ‘give a targeted Ride On first’ solution, but that doesn’t seem to have a direct effect on the circle. Last night, it just appeared in ZC after a little more than 11 minutes of riding and me giving about eight individual Ride Ons and receiving more, from riders on the same course as well as others.

Closing the ZC app and restarting it has no effect on the presence or not of the circle for me.

Looking on the bright side, once it’s there it doesn’t then disappear for the rest of the ride. :grinning:

(Note: running Zwift on iPadOS, ZC on iOS; all latest versions of Zwift, ZC and OS.)


The circle disappeared for me too since a few days.
Restart, Ride Ons through windows did not fix it.
Then I figured I also switched to bluetooth as I had connection drops via ANT+.
Tonight I switched back to ANT+ at the end of my training and the Ride on Bomb circle was back as soon as it was reconnected.
Hope it can help others. Cheers

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Hey folks - the one-at-a-time Ride On bug has been sorted out and fixed in game version 1.12.1 that just released this afternoon. Please update your game client.

Note: PC/ Mac is available everywhere.
iOS / Apple TV / Android versions have started rolling out to servers worldwide. Your game app should alert you when it’s available to download.

Also: the bug that’s breaking Ride On Showers is still on our to-do list.


One workaround I found was to close and open the companion App several times in order to get the multiple ride on feature working. Usually it takes around 10mins into the ride for it to re-appear…


Nope, nadda even after a RO…

Wasn’t there, so exited to look for update. No update, but restarting the Companion, the circle is there. For now. How long? Hmm…

If there is an update, it’s not in the Apple App Store yet.

And ‘one-at-a-time ride on’ doesn’t sound like what I’m having a problem with. I can’t get the circle reliably to give thumbs to others. Is that the ‘shower’ bug you refer to? 5 doesn’t seem like a shower, more like a trickle, but oh well…