"Ride On" from the same person (unknown to me) every day

What’s up with that?! Is there some bit of programming that gives a “Ride On” every time anyone starts a ride?

Even so, what’s with getting a Ride On, every day, from someone I never heard of? Seems a bit creepy to me…

Do you mean “E Min” ? 

That’s the CEO of Zwift, so you get kudos from the Zwift company if you mean this one. 

No. I know who Eric Min is.

It’s from some woman who is pushing for an MTB course. Happens at the beginning of every ride.

Maybe for encouragement?


Might be for encouragement, or might be from someone hoping to collect them in return.  There are people on Strava that do the same thing with “Kudos” fanatically.

Damn, I must be on at the wrong time - I almost never get a “Ride On” . 

Serious though - it could be just someone bicycling generally at the same time, and being glad to recognize a name… If I wonder why someone gives me a Ride On, while I don’t think I did anything to earn it, I often try to look the name up on Strava… 

Same is happening here.  At the beginning of every ride.  Name begins with Sierra and ends with MTB.

Same here. Has been happening for weeks now. Instant ride-on from a Michael Meysarosh.

I feel it to be some sort of programming bug. The ride-on is instant every single time, no matter what time of the day or how often I log in.

I also have the same Power up appearing at the begging of every ride. I know it was a person I was riding with a few weeks ago. I have a feeling they posted the ride on while I had just finished my ride. So as I log on I get the Ride on message. The Swift team knows of the problem and is trying to fix it.