Ride On command button & etiquette

Can we have a Ride On button explanation in the FAQ’s please. Scuse if it’s there but  can’t find anything on the site that explains what a Ride On means, how you Ride On and the etiquette behind Ride On’s. It’s such a good feature that a guide paragraph or two would be useful.




Give everyone a ride on. And you will get ride ons in return. They have no value in currency.  They are like riding down the street and you get a thumbs up from someone.

I just find them annoying and utterly pointless, like Strava kudos. All they do is make me feel very mildly obliged to return them, but I can never be bothered. So they just add a constant microscopic level of subliminal guilt to my Zwift experience. I’d love it if there was a way to opt out of ride ons or block them. How about having a misanthrope’s alternative to the ride on, the “eff off”? :wink: