Ride not uploaded to ZwiftPower

I just finished a Stage 7 | Ride | Tour de Zwift A, but my result did not appear in ZwiftPower (where I am signed up, and my results usually appear without problems).

It seems that I signed up for both the 14:00 and the 15:00 rides. During the 14:00 ride I got a pop-up asking if I wanted to switch tot he start of the 15:00 ride (NO!!!). I hit the “stay here” button, and was not asked again. I suspect that this somehow messed up the uploading to ZwiftPower (???). I did get a finish screen somewhat later, though I noticed that there was no finish place number - I got a time (1:03:35) and an average wattage.

I also got a ride in Strava and in Garmin Connect, got gratulations iin the companion app and the sunglasses, but as said, nothing in ZwiftPower.

Edit: never mind, my result appeared later - strangley a lot of riders that finished later were somehow processed before my data was…

Hi Bertram,

Sometimes it can take up to 24 hours for your results to upload and process in ZwiftPower. Also, the processing of results can sometimes not be in an exact order of completion. After taking a look, this seems to be the case with the Stage 7 | Ride | Tour de Zwift 2024 ride you took part in.