Ride mode not seeing HRM Polar H10

Hi, I have a Polar H10 that connects in run mode but not in ride mode. (Galaxy s21)
I’ve made sure the hrm isn’t paired to any apps and I also reinstalled. Zwift app finds the wahoo speed and cadence sensors almost immediately in ride but HRM “searching” and wont find.
I tried run mode just to try something else and the hrm shows there and connects? Any suggestions?


Update: The fix is to connect the HRM FIRST then cadence, speed sensor. Works now!!

Pairing is very idiosyncratic. For my set up, if I pair the H10 first it blocks my Favero Assioma pedals. Great work psyching out your issue!

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Well now its back to not working. Ill keep working it and update if I find out something new.