Ride leader configuration

stupid question here:

i’ve become a ride leader recently, and i don’t know much about how to admin a ride.

i know how to “lead” a ride in the sense of this ZI article:

but what i don’t know how to do is:

  • choose the course the group ride is on
  • set the length of the ride (time or distance)
  • set the classification of the ride (ie, it’s a “C” right now)
  • set the kit for the ride
  • set the ride to be “isolated” or on the “general world”
  • add other leaders/sweepers
  • set the order of leaders
  • change the description of the ride
  • get the cool little icon on my zwift profile here in the forums

also, CAN i even do any of that? or maybe the original owner of the ride is the only one who can? or maybe it’s a support ticket?

is there an instruction manual somewhere that i didn’t get at ride leader orientation? :slight_smile:



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wow! i naively thought there might be a self service type tool! thanks!

Ha! If your team is setup there is something called event tools that let’s you modify some things. I use it for the Cryo-Gen Team.