Ride Leader Certification

Many riders assume Leaders are Zwift employees.
Not only are they responsible for the success of your platform, this assumption by many means they are directly representing your brand.

Before becoming a ride leader, Zwift should vette the rider
The aspiring leader should be given:
A list of standards to agree to.
Tips for how to lead a virtual ride (differs to IRL)
Practical test to ensure they can control their own pace whilst typing. (Perhaps co-lead an existing ride)
A couple of observation tests in their first rides to ensure they are delivering.

This would also be helpful when pro riders and brand ambassadors lead rides to ensure they know what to expect.

And that they dont go over board with the Control Freak thing…Honestly if 3 or 4 riders go off the front so what?  They are paying customers let them go.  I have seen several ride leaders derail the remainder of the ride for the rest of us by complaining, cajoling, then threatening that they wont do this or that if the offending riders dont comply…get over yourself!

If that’s part of the vetting process I absolutely agree!