Ride information not Discarded

When discarding a session in Zwift it displays a message saying something like “this will not be saved or shared to third parties” however the results are shown in Zwiftpower so the message is incorrect or the mechanism to discard it is failing.

Zwiftpower isn’t a third party though. But the “not saving” part is a good point.

Wouldn’t that just be the Live result showing in Zwiftpower?

If you go to your Profile > Acitivity in Zwiftpower you can then download the FIT file for the event so it’s not discarded or just a summary.

I can see where the files are saved on AWS who are a Third Party.

This is actually a quick way to download the FIT file rather than logging into Zwift and going through your feed.

In my ZP profile I can only see the activities which I set to “public”.
My setting is “followers”, I change manually to public for events (otherwise the fit file will not be processed = green bolt).