Ride ends abruptly

I’ve been using Zwift now for a week and i’ve noticed in the past couple of days that my ride ends abruptly without an errors or warning message.
My past 3 rides have ended at 7.9, 7.9 and 9.1 KMs on different routes. I use a wahoo kicker core to connect to Zwift.
The strange part is, after my ride ends abruptly, if i restart another session of Zwift i am able to ride as usual but only for a few km before it get abrupted again, hence why you see 7.9, 7.9 and 9.1 km rides.
Any advise or thoughts would be very helpful.


What are you running Zwift on?

Zwift runs on my MacBook Pro, there is sufficient space, storage is not an issue.
I’m wondering if the bluetooth connection between my macbook and my wahoo disconnects after a while into my rides.
Is it worth testing the integration via the zwift companion app?
Zwift Macbook> Ziwft companion Iphone >Wahoo kicker core?

What version Mac OS is it running?

You can try using companion app with bridged Bluetooth but usually Bluetooth disconnect will just reduce speed, cadence and power to zero. not crash.

Thank you, today i did about 10km bridged with the companion app and there was no issue.
Sorry, i must clarify, the app does not crash, my speed, cadence and power would gradually come to halt, as if i stopped pedalling.
But this did not happen today. I’m going to try again tomorrow with the companion app and if it works then i suspect either the bluetooth on my wahoo or on my macbook is causing the issue. But i use my macbook all day connected to headphones, keyboard and mouse and i have no issues.

Worked just fine today with the companion app, no disconnections!
Appreciate your help Guy!