Ride data not saving or syncing to Strava after recent windows 10 update

(Michael Clarke) #1

Hey guys

I’m new to Zwift and installed the trial on the 19th. I did a 20k ride and everything saved fine, it even synced to Strava with no problems.

On the 20th windows 10 installed a pretty big update and ever since the rides are not saving.

I initially thought i was hitting the “Discard” options when saving my ride but today i ended and saved my ride using my keyboard and mouse, then did a second test ride to see what would happen. The only thing that saved was the totals but the ride data was lost and i have no file in my Activities folder.

I raised the issue with tech support but was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and what you did to sort it.

Other than this i’m really enjoying the whole Zwift experience.