Ride Credit Query


I passed on some feedback to the Zwift Customer Support team and they recommended I post it in here to see if others agreed with me.

Currently, if you send in a request to receive credit on a ride you’ve completed (for example a stage of the Tour de Zwift), whereby you’ve not automatically been credited for it due to an error (in my case the app crashed after I crossed the finish line), they will manually check and update you. What they don’t currently do is automatically then notify you when your case has been handled. That is to say that in order to find out the answer to whether I’ve been credited or not, I, the customer, have to manually check back in the Tour de Zwift dashboard or actively query it again with the support team.

My suggestion is that once a customer has raised the query, the system should then automatically notify the customer with the result of that query, rather than the customer themselves having to do the heavy lifting of the manual checks and emails to the support team.

I only suggest this because at the moment, after TdZ, they’re obviously overwhelmed with queries and resolutions can take a long time, which could mean a lot of checking and rechecking from the customers (not a good experience).

Interested in any thoughts.