Ride completed…won’t save

Hi everyone,

Did The Wringer yesterday (almost puked…good times) and it’s been trying to save all night, spinning wheel. The ride shows as complete (see pic) but won’t save. Internet is fine. I can click back, watch other riders, even continue riding myself…but no save. Was able to jump through a bunch of hoops, fix the .fit file, not a manual upload to Garmin doesn’t contribute to training load/status, etc. Which sucks, 12 weeks into 70.3 training. Anyone have a fix to get this to save and upload? Thank you!

I’m not sure but your issue might be related to this thread:

@evan-zwift is this possibly the same issue and was it ever fixed in latest update?

Thank you for your feedback on this. @evan-zwift workaround to save later, after a restart? I’ve hit back a dozen times, even kept riding.

@evan-zwift the companion app still has the ride going from 24 hours ago

could you potentially be logged into Zwift on multiple machines/devices?

I only have it on my laptop & companion app. I’ve done that a bunch of times before though. Hoping to get it resolved before next ride on Wednesday, really don’t want to force quit app and lose the chance of getting this on Garmin connect.

The issue I was referring to was that if you ended an activity via Zwift Companion, the game would occasionally get stuck spinning at the “Save” screen. This was resolved in game release 1.43.0 (released June 28-30), so if you’re running that version or later, it may be an unrelated issue.

With that specific issue, one workaround was that in the game, you could click the little “back” arrow at the top of the Save dialog which would bring you back to the game (and not end the activity), and then end the activity again via the game and not via Companion - typically that would work around the issue. But again, that was likely a separate issue and that workaround may not be effective in this case.

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Thanks Evan, So what’s a good fix for this case?

It sounds like you’re able to press that little “back” arrow to close the spinning save dialog, is that correct? In the game, if you then open Menu and end the activity again, does it continue to spin?

Correct. I can go back, game activity is still running, I can even still bike. But when I go to save, it just spins. However, the workout screen shows “last completed 7/16/23” so it knows I did it.

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Sorry to hear that; it sounds like this is a different issue unfortunately. It sounds like the main concern is getting the record in Garmin, not Zwift itself - is that correct?

Well, getting it out of Zwift is the issue bc it won’t save.

Gotcha sorry I was just trying to clarify where you’re tracking your training plan (i.e. where you’re most concerned about getting the data). Is that Garmin? Apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

Yes, thank you. Uploading the .fit won’t work bc it doesn’t update Garmin connect the same way it does from a Zwift save

Ok thanks for clarifying! This isn’t an area of expertise for me but I’m reaching out to others to see if there are any options here.

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The .fit file will be complete and it can be uploaded to Garmin Connect but are you saying doing this won’t give you the full metrics/credit you are looking for?

Thank you so much!

The fit won’t upload to Garmin without a bunch of fixfit steps. It was missing calories, date, type of event, etc, but regardless, won’t contribute to training load, status, etc. Would love to find a solution to save automatically like I typically do (save is still spinning) or, a solution where I can force quit the app, then save the activity automatically, after a restart. Thank you!

That’s odd. I’ve checked and the .fit files I’ve uploaded to Garmin have all the metrics in them. Zwift auto saves every 10 mins so all the data should be there. I wonder if it’ll only before complete when the file is no longer being written to as it is now. Basically the file is open and being updated.

Only way you’ll find out is to terminate Zwift which is what you don’t want to do without knowing it’ll work.

Someone at Zwift will come up with a solution, I know it!