Ride Challenges

Morning guys! Any idea how to go about unlocking this challenge? I’ve completed the other three. Also, what is this challenge??!!



There is no fourth challenge.

Let’s hope to get more challenges when the UI update hits the shelfes. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it exists.

Teasing us, then! Sort it out, Zwift!!!

Could definitely do with some more challenges, achievement badges, etc… I’ve only got the PRL Full to go, then I’m done!

Yeah, the game stuff gets to you pretty quick.
When riding outside, I always think it’s kind of a bummer that I don’t get XP for it :rofl:

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Very true! I’ve been inside for the last few months, for obvious reasons, and completed a vEveresting up the Alpe, last Sunday. Restrictions on lockdown have been eased, so I’m dying to get outside (once my legs are in sync again!)

We were lucky. We were allowed to do sport alone and the April was great.
It was awesome, riding up our local passo without cars and motorcycles :grin:

Yeah, we were also allowed out, and I was riding most days, but once I’d decided to try the indoor Everesting challenge, all training rides were indoors… loads of laps up and down the Alpe and getting used to running at 100% resistance… waaaaaa

Then you next quest is Level 50 and enough drops for the safety bike. :slight_smile:

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I’m worried that the day after I buy the safety bike, they’ll introduce something that’s actually useful, and I won’t have any Drops left. Maybe when I get to 7 million, I’ll buy the safety bike.