Ride 1 and 2 - Feedback

Cycleops Fluid 2 with Garmin GC-10 for cadence and speed. Generic USB Ant+

I did not read the FAQs or the tips / tricks on purpose to see how easy it was to figure it out. Since then I have read all of them.

Pairing was great with my Cadence, Speed and HR. Picked up everything right away. USB stick is 5’ from the GC-10 and 3.5’ from my HR monitor. Basically a no-brainer, which I appreciated.

Was surprised that it was dark out since it was 1500 here in sunny florida. I fumbled around a bit trying to see if I could change the time of day or if my time zone was wrong on my profile.

I road a whole 5 miles or so the first ride. Mainly to get the feel and I had to get on a video call in 20 mins. The GUI seemed very logical and I figured most of it out on the first lap. I did notice that my name was my first initial and last initial. Not what I have in my profile (first name and last initial).

After the first lap I figured I would try to draft. Very difficult, although I don’t know if I tried to draft an AI or real rider. After trying to draft 5 or 6 times, I finally got to hang in the draft for 5 or 6 seconds before waffling back and forth out of the draft. Not sure how easy it will be to get a pace line going.

The zPower for the Fluid 2 seems very generous. The curve felt pretty good, just that it was +5 MPH on level ground. I would be nice to have a pancake flat section on the course for 5 miles or so in order to get a real assessment of the virtual power rating.

I noted that the cadence was right on my actual cadence. It was a bit odd seeing it 180 degrees off of my actual stroke. I found my self subconsciously trying to get in step with the virtual me. Guess too much time in the military.

The social aspect was very distracting when I was trying stay in the draft. Messages would pop up and fill a big chunk of the screen. The white on the night background really made them pop. Using a 15" laptop could be a part of that though.

The second ride, .1M was only done to see if the start up / end ride experience was any different. It was very much a hey ride, now get out kind of experience. I attribute this to the beta goals though.

Thanks for the hard work. Looking forward to good miles this weekend after getting a chance to get out in the real world. Living in Florida does have its perks.

Forgot to add that I did experience two periods of frame jitter on my video card Intel HD 4000. Both lasted sub one second and were at different locations on the course. One happened when I passed a group of riders that were at various speeds including stopped on the side and the other was shortly after the first time change where the horizon started to show a bit of lightening.

I attribute both to the video proc getting a work out. Keeping fingers crossed for the OS X beta to start soon. Want to see what maxed out Mac’s will do for a video experience.