Richmond: A realistic discussion of what to do about this course.

(Michael Fulton) #1

Hello fellow zwift enthusiasts! Today, I write to you to provide constructive feed back to the Zwift developers for ideas to spice up or remove richmond, or to merge it with london. 


In order to do this though, lets look at why Richmond was important

When Richmond launched, Zwift was much smaller. A.i. Controlled creepy blue cyclists were still a rather common sight. This added an entire world to Zwift, and it was timed well to match up with the 2015 UCI course that it is based off of. 

Clearly this was a great press tool for the company to try to introduce the training platform to a bigger audience, but then that was it. We saw no further updates. 


The case to remove Richmond:

The graphics are dated. Just look at the buildings. At time I feel like I am looking at buildings modeled in  the mid 2000s. 

Extremely limited selection of where you’d like to go. Everyone goes the same direction. You are always either being passed by a mob of people or getting pulled along by random packs of riders.


The course itself is boring if your just riding for fitness. I see its merits as being great for hard interval efforts or even races, but not so much free riding.

Richmond must have been hit with an apocalypse. London is filled with people everywhere, parked trolleys etc. It feels like your riding in a city. Richmond feels abandoned, lifeless. 

Watopia, and to a lesser case London have recieved course updates, new routes, secret routes, wild life (Yetis in one case). Watopia looks beautiful from a graphics perspective.

Most importantly, Richmond is just not fun for regular, free riding which is what this platform needs. The recreational cyclist, not interested in racing will tune out on Richmond days. I know i’ve purposefully have made Richmond an off day anytime its on the calendar in the winter



If you have arguemtns as to why Richmond should stay in the regular rotation or removed please add constructive feedback. “It sucks” or “Its awesome” is not constructive. 


(..Troy) #2

Hi Michael, I quite like Richmond but perhaps like you think it could do with a revamp. 

Personally I’d like to see the whole of Richmond opened up to enable us to cycle down all the side streets etc. 

I’d like to see a world with cars, traffic lights, pedestrians etc, were you should stop at lights if you want ,or ignore them (possibly accidents.) I’d go on to make a courier side to Zwift there. Some sort of game or challenge, but also push that side with Alleycat races and cool messenger clothes and bikes. 

I don’t really know if Richmond is the place to do that, or if maybe New York should be built.

I’m sure it won’t be everyones idea of fun, but it would change Richmond and give Zwift a whole new side. 

Ride On. 

(Vincent W.) #3

I appreciate your feedback on Richmond! There seems to be a pretty common sentiment on Richmond and it’s always nice to see a detailed critique. I’ll log this and send your notes over. :) 

(Michael Fulton) #4

@ B Troy, that idea of a messanger side game would really spice things up in Richmond, at least in my book.  I loved Crazy Taxi on sega dreamcast, and the paperboy event was alot of fun. This would be a nice merger.  I agree with all that you’ve posted.  

(Nigel Doyle) #5

My guess is when we get Central park that Richmond will be retired. Ironically the Richmond Hilly course is a great course for racing. Apart from that it’s pretty boring for just riding around.

(David Griscom YCW) #6

I am not sure its worth investing a lot of effort into, which is sad, because I sure the Zwift team put a lot of effort into it.  I agree it is oddly sterile and dreary without the things a city normally has (people, cars, etc).  I would recommenced Zwift just merge in it with London and allow you to select it as a course on those days.  Then, its there for people that like it but not mandatory for folks that don’t care for it

(Steven Robinson) #7

Does anyone know why you can’t do reverse routes on Richmond. Wondering if the local team or UCI didn’t want it back in the day and it’s never been challenged since? Just doing that would add a little bit of variety and make it less likely that the course was just one long pace line.

Also think that a Richmond extension should be added - while the city part should be realistic and follow proper real life roads, then like the London course’s Surrey Hills, there should be a bit outside the city that is completely made up. I’m thinking that you turn off near the top of the map, get on a freeway or similar that goes through a tunnel and when you come out a mile later, you’re magically in the Smoky Mountains or something and you can have a ten mile rolling hill circuit there.