RGT Is No More

And yet, the majority of people want it to work on Apple TV and iPad.

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On that note, there should have been no Scotland, No Makuri world, no France. Only the original worlds.

Got to aim high, improve to stay ahead.

Otherwise the new players will sweep in and will work on all sorts of devices.

Seems to work like Microsoft Flight Simulator. Using satellite imagery and then interpreting where the fields/forests/water/buildings etc are based on those images. The impression I get is that the roads are generated offline first and used to create map levels for Unreal Engine. While MSFS does it on the fly (pun intended).

Never seen that Fondo thing before…now that is something i’d definately be willing to try.
Doesnt look in the slightest a Zwift replacement but something completely different.
Real world, full immersive etc etc…would be amazing to have something like that to use alongside Zwift…as thats exactly what Zwift isnt.

…and that is the key to success in this space.
Dont compete directly with Zwift because that battle has already been won…make something completely different.


Multiple worlds isn’t an issue. There are certain compromises that have to be made when you support low end devices and a mass-market appeal approach. That’s why Zwift have been removing support from some lower end devices, just to give them a bit more headroom.

I don’t know whether that’s true or not (I’ve no idea about platform demographics for Zwift), but I’m sure there space for something that works on low end platforms alongside other offerings that target something a bit higher up the performance curve.

Again, I think it also depends on the target audience too. Are serious racers more inclined to run on Windows so they can use Sauce as an overlay?

My 1050 and 1070 work fine for Zwift, but I would update my GPU if I felt the need.

Personally, I think we’d be missing out if no one went for a higher end niche because they felt they needed to include iPads and the like.

Maybe PS5 and Xbox Series are the compromise sweet spot. (Although I don’t know how people would connect the various peripherals)

Zwift with the Graphics from Fondo Teaser and a better PD would be the death for other competitors. Mywoosh looks even more fugly than Zwift.

I’m often asking myself if mywoosh is using an old codebase from Zwift. A lot of similarities…

my 2c, there is no way that they can have that level of graphics for every place on earth. The google earth 3d API integration is still in beta.

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Have they said that’s the goal?

Besides, you’re comparing apples to oranges. They’re not trying to make something that’s identical to the real location, like the zombie game guy is with Google Earth satellite images as far as I can see. Taking data and then using AI to generate scenery that is realistic rather than real seems like it would be substantially more straightforward. UE5 certainly has tools and plugins already that can enable that sort of thing, and gets better each release.


I got the impression that the comment was more that Zwift aren’t going to massively upgrade the quality of their graphics because that would exclude a big chunk of existing users on lower power devices … the fact that the experience of riding in Zwift is predominantly the same across the different platforms is surely a selling point.

I, personally, run Zwift on an old redundant PC with an onboard graphics chip and it does a great job. If “modernising” the graphics meant I had to upgrade the machine just to keep using it, I most likely wouldn’t bother and might drop back into Zwift at the point that I had a compatible device. Might.

None of that makes me not want to see what someone else might do with a platform aimed at higher end/gaming machines. I just wouldn’t be splashing out to use it myself.

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I agree completely, I’m just saying that likely won’t be Zwift. Room for more than 1, as you say.

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Won’t happen for the reasons stated above.

I guess you haven’t been on MyWhoosh lately. I don’t care for the platform, but the graphics are a step up.

That will still require the game designers to make the world, it may be faster but still need manual input.

Yes they need to do the work to generate the world. They have just created the tools to make it super easy. They have said they could create a new route weekly to start with, but they mentioned the route itself would take a few hours to generate.


Got to be honest, I use zwift during the winter, it has it’s faults but it’s good to have time away from it maybe to appreciate it, but on wet days this summer since I cancelled zwift, I’ve used my whoosh, it’s gone from not working on my laptop last year to now a good platform, works great, it’s own training calendar, workouts load from training peaks, my guess when they start to offer big prize money for racing it will pick up in certain quarters, it will happen that’s for sure, as for coming back to zwift yes I will but for the last 2 months when I’ve tried to activate my free 25km it would not load, whereas my-whoosh just works.

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Of course, there will be some manual input. Games don’t pop into existence from nothing (unlike the Universe :joy:).

But the Fondo - Intro to RAILS on Vimeo video was describing how they’ve automated a lot of the effort. Specify a route, and the system downloads data from OSM, elevation data, satellite images. The ML system analyses all of that, then the procedural AI system generates vegetation, roads etc.

It might not be quite as one-click as their teaser suggests, but it seems credible that it could take hours or days at most to go from “let’s make an Alpe d’Huez” route, to having something we can ride that looks fantastic.

As they streamline things and learn more, maybe it could be a matter of minutes, who knows?

It’s fair to say these things are much more than just terrain and visuals though. It’ll need to have physics we get on with, the avatars will need to feel good; and there’s the question about if and how they tie up disparate routes into a “world” people can ride.

I’m not a fan of the Rouvy approach where you select a specific road and just get to ride that, for example. I’d much prefer an open world that has many routes modelled on real world locations, even if they’re linked by roads that don’t exist in real life.

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Just adding this 'cause it seems that’s certainly their long term ambition. :smiley:


(From one of the co-founders’ LinkedIn post about hiring an UE programmer last year)

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