[RFE] Zwift needs a global Mute option, with memory

(... david (aka "setuid")) #1

We have the ability to slide the sliders up or down to change our Environment and Game sounds, but there’s no option to mute the game sounds entirely with a single hotkey or setting.

You have to go into Settings, then slide both audio sliders all the way to “Off”, and then remember to return them to their previous values when you want sound again. 

Also, you can only access _those _settings while your rider is completely stopped by the side of the road. You can’t mute the game sounds while riding (like during a large group ride where there are 1,000 “Riiiide on!” or “Bring it!” sounds coming out of the crowd of riders.

If we had a single toggle where we could mute all sounds (and optionally a switch in the main settings to govern how this global toggle handles muting) that would be extremely helpful. 

Muting ALL sounds from the PC or TV via the remote control isn’t sufficient, because some of us have movies, music and other things running that require audible sounds.

      Global option: 

      [_] Mute only game sounds

      [_] Mute only environment sounds

      [X] Mute ALL sounds

Then the hotkey option (or maybe a little on-screen speaker we can click in the corner?) would inherit those options. Un-muting would return the sliders to the values stored in the settings (and prefs.xml).