[RFE] We need a bike throw/rage-quit promo code or hotkey

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek, but we need a way for the angry on-course to diffuse that anger when they quit, using a ragequit style hotkey + avatar animation to go with it, throwing bike down on the ground, crossing arms in anger and disgust, and vanishing from the course in a puff of smoke.

Maybe we could get their face to go from normal color to bright red as their temperature rises, then POP! Just like the rage-quit built into “LIttle Big Planet”!

This might be funny to watch for them, vs. having them spew a line of profanity at other riders on course in anger, as they ragequit the game.

A single-use promo code could work, or a hotkey (though that could be accidentally hit, unless they type ‘R-A-G-E’ or some sequence in order).

Though cheeky, it does serve a purpose. It’s a bit humorous, and could help keep the frustrated entertained with Zwift vs. offending others as they stomp off, enraged.

“Once you’ve got nowhere else to go… don’t forget that #OhioThrow!”

Carry on! Great work with the iOS release!

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I want the ‘pro experience’ by having a neutral support car on the course that randomly knocks riders off their bikes

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Speaking of the real ‘pro experience’, i would love to see people running along with me, in idiotic suits, holding flags!

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Would be cool to have NPCs on the course just to make it seem more pro, unlike real life - unless you’re pro.