Review the physics of group drafting


It would be nice, both for the show, the race interest, and the quality of training (for those concerned), that the phenomenon of aspiration of large groups be reviewed in a more realistic way.

Indeed, in zwift, we can pass through the ones before us, which means that there are almost no negative consequences to take a “pull” when we are in a large group. Whereas in real life, we have to move sideways, take the wind at the same time as the one before us, then just pass him and start to take our real pull.

Already that large groups are strongly favored by boosts (if used intelligently), with the phenomenon of group aspiration, one can almost make endurance while the front one is in L4-5-6 depending on the slope.

The flat races can be summed up as a waste of time all the way (because no one wants to escape on a flat race) and conclude with a final sprint.



Yes just needs to be turned down a bit.  

New to Swift… Is there a shifting wind that impedes or assist us to varying percentages depending upon its relative direction? Factoring in WX conditions would be cool.


There isn’t no wind in Zwift.

Thanks, that’s what I assumed.