Reverse loop glitches

(J O'Connor) #1

Just a couple of things which cropped up over the course of today’s ride.


You can’t identify riders coming towards you, their name only flashes up briefly at a distance.


Much more frequent track diversions by bots.


When being passed by a group of bots travelling at a reasonable speed I’d be off all over the place.


Lots of floating scenery.


The descent leading to the sprint over the bridge is approx 5% however when I rolled over the crest and onto the descent at approx 10mph I started to slow down rather than pick up speed.  On the descent off the KOM on the other hand you pick up speed pretty rapidly.


Starting in the usual place if you do a u-turn to ride the new reverse loop you don’t complete a lap until you’ve effectively done 2 laps, if there was some way of the start point being directly on the start point that might work better.


After 103 miles that’s all I’ve got!

(J O'Connor) #2

Actually, I’ve got one more:


As I was aiming for an imperial century I switched the UI data from metric to imperial - the weight transferred across OK (I assume, 106kg to 220ish lbs) but my height of 189cm went to 3’11 which seems a touch out…