Return to Home Feature [March 2021]

You do realize you have to pay for Zwift, right? :slight_smile: I don’t think setting up a second paid account for the issue workaround purposes is a real solution. What Zwift did here with this latest release is though (I’m pretty happy with the experience now and don’t need any of those mentioned workarounds).

Ride on!

No need to pay, it can be an account with cancelled subscription (Zwift does not delete accounts).

Edit - I like France, that’s why I am using this on days without France in the world choice.

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Oh… And with a free trial month you don’t have to pay initially either, right?

So, that’s a nice “life hack”, I guess! (Still though, I hope I won’t need to use it as even though it does seem to be a legit workaround, creating a second “fake” account just to be able to work around some of the app issues seems… not as… elegant, as just having the app working correctly / as expected :))

Thanks for sharing the lifehack though!

Oh, well, I see. For that though, you could just edit the config file to enable any world you want. I’d say that’s easier than creating/using the fake account / meetups (but to be honest, I never used either of these methods, so what do I know? :rofl:).

A simple return to menu option is a basic feature in any game. Omitting it as a design choice is so ill-informed I’d rather classify it as a bug - evidenced by the fact this option was probably the most requested feature since the very beginning of Zwift :wink: (although I agree with you I still need to get used pressing that additional exit-button :slight_smile: )

I very much agree with the statement above that implementing this basic, heavily requested feature shouldn’t be something to praise. In general, Zwift’s dominance of the e-cycling world is becoming a very bad thing for consumers. Network effects have led Zwift to all but monopolise virtual cycling, and they are trying very hard to extend this monopoly to the hardware market as well. If you like virtual cycling in general, and e-racing in particular, this should worry you, because it’s already leading to lack of decent progress, in particular when it comes to e-competitions (but progress in general game-play has been poor as well over the last 2 years).


no, the game saved to all those places, it did not have a popup but it did save.

Given that going back to the ‘Home’ section of Zwift rather than the ‘Login’ section at the end of a ride should have always been the way it worked, why is it that this loooooooong overdue basic function is still only available on PC/Mac and not iOS or Android?
Talking of loooong overdue basic functionality, are you ever going to put in the ridiculously basic and obvious option of a Settings/Garage/etc. button/option from the ‘Home’ section rather than having to launch into a ride before you can access that section when 99.999% of the time you’d be wanting to access those settings/areas before going into a ride and/or even when simply making a change in advance and having no intention of riding at that moment?!


Bugs with world switching on iOS are the reason it wasn’t implemented years ago. Jon Mayfield mentioned it on the Zwiftcast in June 2019. Perhaps they’ve only rolled out the versions they’ve had working for a long time.


Ah OK, wasn’t aware of that, but umm, I’d have thought/hoped any known bug from 2-years ago would’ve been sorted…or am I being too optimistic there? Lol :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry Mark, it’ll be happening Zoon…


Good to see the good old “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature” runaround is still alive and well.


It’s only a bug if you received your hexadecimal USD for the discovery (this also irrefutably proves that Zwift is priced unreasonably high, because that way it would take most people years of very hard work to accumulate a month worth of subscription, best case scenario).

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On Win10, there is a small bug from this not-a-bug-fix-but-improvement: the Exit button reacts correctly when the mouse hovers on it (highlights slightly, so there’s a “selected” state), but there is no “clicked” state in the button object, giving the impression the app is not responding. The result is a “nothing’s happening” awkward moment, followed by the app eventually shutting down. It’s a trivial fix, you’d have to really work hard to find a control button object that comes without a clicked state built-in.


This aspect, that you correctly highlight here, is actually present in a frustratingly large number of other places within the application software. For example, on the opening splash Welcome screen… the “Let’s Go” and “Change User” rectangles do not even react to a cursor hover or to a mouse click/touch. This is extremely frustrating, and ever so basic. Worse still, the OK button on the initial device pairing screen overlaps with the subsequent drop-in “RIDE” button. Because the same functionality (indicating when a button has been selected or pressed) is missing, usually giving the user the wrong impression that the button click was not successful, (when it actually was, but with no visual indicator), a second touch/click on that button will carry-over and result in opening a ride unintentionally - usually in the wrong world, and certainly on the wrong route. This has happened with me dozens of times. It’s an elemental user interface aspect that is nearly universal. Except in Zwift.

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It’s actually harder to do that strange behavior than just letting the default object behavior happen. Any UI object library instance will have those states (selected, clicked) predefined.

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I’m still trying to understand what that means.


My bad. Try dollar instead of USD.

I love this feature. It saves a lot of time and inconveniences!

This seems to dovetail with an issue I raised recently with Z-support. However, as I am using Apple TV, I cannot see whether it solves the specific issue I raised. Clearly it is a positive step getting back to the Home screen to allow choices of rides, events or workouts without exiting the app. What I was after was, for instance, the ability to ride 45 k with a pace partner, take a short break and then rejoin the pace partner from the Home screen for, say another 60k to reach a single ride total of 105k - the goal for the day and the distance needed to achieve a goal on Strava. The explanation above suggests that this would still not be possible as Zwift would save, in this example, two rides of 45 and 60k separately and upload as such to Strava, thereby not achieving the 100K goal. Can the two rides be combined maybe with the use of a “To be resumed” button in addition to the current “Save” (or Discard) buttons?

In a related issue I raised with Z-support, I asked whether it was possible when you opted out of a scheduled workout during a plan that you get directed to the Home screen instead of to the particular world / route that just happened to be used for the workout not done. It seems like a simple fix when you click NOT NOW on a plan to take you to the Home screen so all options are available for your ride. This would allow you to directly pick your world and route or pace partner or event from the Home screen.

The only hack I have found to get around this seems to be to click “I DID IT” on all the available workouts in the plan and then log back into Zwift in which case you will go to the home screen. If you still want to do some or all of those workouts at a later date (before they expire) I think you can go to the plan and unclick " I DID IT" and the workout will become available again. Although this hack seems to work, it would be a lot more convenient if you were simply taken to the Home screen whenever you click NOT NOW in a plan. Can this be done?

Thanks. Jim

Perhaps it is different on Apple TV, but on windows 10 this is already how it works. If I choose not now for today’s workout I get taken to the main route/world choice screen. On windows 10 you don’t choose a route/world first and then get asked what workout you want to do.