Resistence with Elite cubo Digital smart B+

I’m looking for an home trainer, and the Elite cubo Digital smart B+ is in my budget (300 euros).
I try to understand if it works correctly, my question is…
the home trainer is able to adjuste/change the resistence automatically when i use zwift?

thank you

I use the same trainer and it works just fine with Zwift. If you are climbing a hill you can feel it (if that is what you want to know) like in real life. You have to just choose a hilly route from the various routes offered here. The figures that Zwift will show in terms of your watts and speed etc might not be very accurate. But for the price it’s a decent home trainer. For high accuracy you will need to invest in a power meter (or borrow from a friend for a day) and calibrate your trainer with it. I have not done it and I enjoy the ride just as fine. I am, after all, not training for any major professional tour.

Thank you for your answer.
I have no sensors on my bike, i’m Not use to use them.
Do you think that I need them?
Thank you

Your bike does not need a sensor. The sensor is in the trainer. The trainer will communicate with your computer through bluetooth. You have to check whether your bike’s wheel and tyre sizes are compatible with this trainer. It may not be able to take a very fat tyre - these details are written somewhere in the product literature.
Once you load the bike on the trainer (please remember to lock it safely after loading) and the power is switched on, it will do everything else almost automatically. Basically, your bike’s rear wheel will be on a roller which will roll as you pedal and send the message to the trainer which in turn will send the message to Zwift. Similarly Zwift will send the message to the trainer and will control the resistance on the roller making your ride difficult or easy, depending on your route.
If you are buying it from a store, I am sure they will show it to you. Setting it up might be a little complicated if you are not too confident with gadgets. But if I can do it, I am sure you can also do it.
In short if you have a computer, Zwift software, this trainer and a compatible cycle that can fit you are ready to go.

Thank you for your complete answer.
I will buy the trainer on the web.
I have just to understand what I can do with the tyre… I would like to have a tyre for trainers, but it seems complicate to find a tire with the good size, and I’m trying to understand if I can use a different size on my wheel. My bike has in this moment a tire 700x42c…
I’m not able to find, at the moment, a tire a with the same size for the trainer.
I will continue my research.

You trainer tyre does not have to be the same size as your regular tyres. You can safely use 700x32 trainer tyre on your rim.

You can buy special trainer tyres from Elite or any other brand. In fact it’s a good idea because the trainer adds to the depreciation of your regular road tyre. They are meant only for trainers and cannot be used on the road. Only problem is, every time you want to go for a road ride after a training session you have to change the tyre and vice versa. The only solution, a little expensive, to this is to buy an entire wheel complete with cassette and hub and fit the special trainer tyre on this and load it to your cycle. Then you can just inter-change the wheel depending on what you want to do. Otherwise you have to physically change the tyre every time.
Your 42c tyre may not be good for this trainer.

@Sudipto_Roy this is a very bad news…
are you sure about that?
The tyre is not so “fat”… is a city bike… not un MTB or cross bike…
In any case, the trainer ca be user with wheel between 20” up to 29”…

are you available to explain, why you say that?

thank you for your help

700 is the diameter of your wheel in millimeter, which is fine for the trainer. 42 is the width of the tyre in millimeter which I think is a little too fat for the Elite Qubo. I use a 700x23c tyre, which is pretty thin.
42 may not be very “fat” for riding on the road but it might be too wide for the roller of your trainer.
My suggestion would be to check this with Elite or the seller. It is mentioned somewhere in the product brochure, I clearly remember. Elite website unfortunately does not have the brochure available online.
I shall see if I can locate the paper brochure that came with the trainer. Cannot promise.

Thano you!
I send an e-mail to elite in Ofer to have information… I will waiting…


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I receaved an answer from elite support, they say that 700x42c is compatible avec the trainer…
actually not really sure, because i found a pdf where i can see that my tire is too big for this trainer… so… i have doubt…

I would trust the PDF, if it is the official one, over the response from support. Most of these support staff are outsourced with dubious product knowledge.
Best of luck with getting to the truth.