Resistance problem, opposite erg?

Dear Zwifters,

I am using Zwift with my Senz S5000 indoor bike trainer. The bike trainer has automatic resistance. This is my problem: When I increase my cadance, the resistance of the bike increases also. So when I start biking, the resistance is ok. After 10 seconds, the resistance is way to high, so I decrease my cadance. Then, the resistance decreases, I can pedal again, and than the resistance goes up again.

It looks like the opposite of ERG mode. This is what I’ve already looked into:

  • Turning off ERG-mode: I do not have the blue erg mode button at the bottom of my screen… I don’t know why.
  • Adjusting the setting ‘Smart trainer difficulty’. This didn’t do anything.
  • The moment I shut down Zwift, the weird automatic adjusting is gone.

Sorry, but I don’t think that bike/trainer is supported by Zwift, is it? What matters is what Zwift say is supported, even if a bike/trainer manufacturer says it’s “compatible” (or similar) with Zwift.

See Supported Trainers

I’m afraid you are correct… the supplier even shows a Zwift logo next to this product on their website. Misleading… I think I will send it back to the supplier.

Thanks for the quick response.



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