Resistance on Wahoo Core Kickr

Hi, Very new to Zwift having previously used a snap on turbo and the training app it came with. I have upgraded both my bike and turbo to a wahoo core and first ride this morning, I could not feel a change in the resistance at any point. I have paired the turbo with swift, also through the wahoo app and done a spin down so unsure why I couldn’t feel a change in resistance. Am i supposed to start in a certain gear or have done anything different?!
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I’m wondering whether you paired Power Source and also Controllable correctly.

Easy to follow video, hope you get your Core working.

Thank you so much, I definitely did the power source but need to look at the controllable again. Appreciate your help :grinning:

When you do a spindown with the Wahoo App also make sure that you disconnect the trainer before you connect to Zwift.