Resistance on a new Smart Turbo

Hi, I used to use my bike on what I think you call a dumb turbo but have just set up a Wahoo Kickr turbo.

I went on one of my usual rides on Zwift with different levels of power intensity and every time I changed intensirt levels on the ride the resistance on by turbo seemed to max aout and I couldn’t pedal at all.

It would then turn of the ERG and slowly the resistance would rop away so I could pedal again.

Have I forgetten to set something up on my new Smart Turbo?

Any advice is very welcome.


I should add that my warm down power was automatically set at about 200 watts and my high resistence was set at 470 watts.

Perhaps it is remembering something false when I was using the dumb trainer :slight_smile:

Hi Mark.

Going from a dumb trainer to a Smart trainer can be a bit of an adjustment.

My assumption is that your FTP is set to high. Do a ramp test to get a new baseline FTP.

What you are describing is the “spiral of death”.

See this on Zwift insider

and This from Shane (GP Lama)

Silly question, How do I select a ramp test? :slight_smile:

the ramp test is in the workouts.


Thanks, I will try that :slight_smile:

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