Resistance mode in races

How much does this issue mess up the racing scene (WTRL etc) with required 50%+ Trainer Difficulty setting requirement? ie. can ride at effectively 0% but data file still shows a different percentage for TD?

I’m not aware of any races that require 50% difficulty other than the pro level esports events.

wtrl doesnt require that

ok, my misunderstanding… the Zwift eSports rulebook says this, and that’s linked on WTRL’s homepage

Not sure tbh what pro-level means… saw another post a couple hours ago someone asking about their DQ in one of the NeXT cup races. Upcoming in a few hours is the Fusion ColoQuick, which cites the esports rulebook, etc? But these both had A thru D cats available?

pro level events like the uci worlds require 100% difficulty, rules state that this isn’t the case for community events

Except if the community race organizer says they want the esports rulebook to apply?

Seems a slippery slope… isn’t it this same rulebook that cites the strange pedaling techniques as being off-limits, and is so much a part of the microburst/sticky discussion? Those discussions haven’t been solely about pro-level events only, right?

Correct but I’m not sure how a community race organiser would even start to enforce a difficulty. where would they see it?

Sticky watts/microbursting at least we can take an educated guess based on power/cadence charts