Resistance level on Minoura L340

(Max Brenes ODZ (C)) #1

Currently the only resistance level option is L1 for the Minoura L340, I think the optimal for all around riding is L2.  This will increase the resistance and that way we can better simulate low RPM climbing on the course.

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the feedback! We choose the default resistance level based roughly on the point where 20 mph can be reached at approximately 200w as this tends to work well for our conversion calculations.

While we don’t support other resistance levels yet, we may add these in the future, but they’re a lower priority.

(J A.M.I.E. Lockwood) #3

Interesting, I currently use a Minoura B60 (yes I know its a completely different machine) and find L1 far too ‘easy’ so I have resorted to L2 to get a more realistic feel. I did a ride for an hour last night on L2 and was fairly steady 200w at 19-20 mph and it felt ‘right’ on L2 based on my HR and perceived effort compared to real life riding.

(Lance Xiang) #4

Lower priority@@, BAD news for so many classic (dumb) trainer users like me…really hope you can add a resistance level hint!