Resistance level against gradient for non smart trainers

(Chris Gregory) #1

Would it be possible to have a setting so we could calibrate non smart trainers to gradients.

I have only just started using Zwift but so far I am increasing the resistance on my Tacx Satori by 1 for each % increase in gradient. It seems a better way of doing it than just leaving it set and going up and down the gears. It gets harder for me and the power increases with the same cadence.

If Zwift has the difference between levels of the different manufacturers (something I’m sure they could supply) then it should take too much work and doesn’t have to be 100% accurate as anything is better than leaving it at the same resistance all the time.

If this was possible then maybe a notification could pop up on screen when to adjust the level so you dont always have to keep an eye on the gradient.