Resistance issues on the Magene Gravat since update 1.30.0

Hi, Since the last Zwift update on my iPAD (IOS 15.6, Zwift version 1.30.0, updated roughly 3 weeks ago) I am experience issues with resistance when I select a normal route and ride it. When I go up or down a slope the resistance stays the same (you can feel the machine changing it to be the same as before the climb and the speed of the rider in game changes but the it does not feel like you ride up a hill like before).
Before this update I have never experienced this issue and haven’t changed anything on the trainer side.

I have used this trainer for over 4 years and haven’t had any issues on Zwift before.

Hello @Jorieke_Van_Dijk ,

Welcome to Zwift Forums! The issue that you’re describing sounds similar to ERG mode in a workout. I’d recommend to double check the following:

  • You are paired to your trainer over at least Power and Controllable
  • Your trainer difficulty is set above 0 in Settings
  • You experience this issue riding in a free ride

If all of the above is true, please send me a direct message and we can open a support ticket.

Hello @Rowdy,

Thank you for your quick reply, all the points you mention are true.

I am experiencing the same issues. Cyclops Magnus with up to date firmware, and running the latest version of Zwift on windows 10

Same problem here with a Magene Gravat2. No ERG mode anymore. When connected with Companion app it works. Please provide a solution!

Hi @Marco_Poitsch_I_B

Welcome to the forum.

How do you pair your devices, do you pair as power and controllable and di you use the FE-C option.
Can you share a picture of your pairing screen.