Resistance Issue wrong way round

Hi All

Since the last update i have done two group rides. My resistance is increasing on inclines and decreasing on the climbs. After the first time this happened I uninstalled zwift from pc and re installed it. I use a elite suito trainer and the software is up to date. When I did a free ride for a couple of minutes after re install it seemed fine. When I got on the bike the next day and did a pack group ride I was having the same issue. Any ideas anybody.



Are you on a Kickr?
Could be this:

Edit: Just saw you are not on a Kickr, sorry. But you may want to dig around on that thread anyway to see if anyone on Elite Suito made a report as the problem sounds similar.

I’ve been struggling with the same issue with my MacBook Pro/Wahoo Kickr Core.
It’s a matter of the resistance changing late, and the delay can be between 20 seconds to over a minute and a half or more. It makes ERG mode workouts and races nearly impossible.
It’s not a problem with the trainer because the workouts on the Wahoo app and TrainerRoad work perfectly.
I’ve had temporary success with reinstalling Zwift using the following instructions, and also reinstalling the Zwift Companion app.

  1. Remove/Uninstall Zwift by going to the Applications folder and then deleting Zwift or dragging it to the trash.
  2. Open a terminal
  • cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/
  • delete the Zwift directory: rm -rf Zwift/
  • cd ~/Library/Preferences
  • delete the ZwiftApp.plist file: rm ZwiftApp.plist
  1. Empty the trash.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Reinstall.