Resistance in a workout planned training

Hello, I am a new Zwifter, I am riding a classic trainer (Tacx Genius) and training the “Gravel Grinder”, so my course is flat, without road gradient, only watagge and cadence. My question is: If I decide to buy a smart trainer (for instance Tacx Neo 2) the resistance based on road gradient will be applied also to this kind of workout (Gravel Grinder) or only for free ride. Thanks for your help!

When doing a workout, the power required will be determined by the training plan and will not be affected by the grade. (I’m currently doing the Gravel Grinder with a Tacx Neo). The smart trainer will force you to pedal at the watt level dictated by your plan. You shouldn’t need to shift your bike. The grade of the road will not affect your power output, but it will affect your speed in the virtual world. When the road goes up, you’ll go slower at the same wattage and vice versa.

If you are doing a free ride the power required will change with the road gradient.

Thank you Barb by your reply.

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