Resistance guide for classic trainers

I would like to suggest to implement a feature for classic trainers or ‘not so smart’ trainers like the Tacx Satori Smart:
It would be great, if there was an indicator to recommend a level setting on the trainer, that matches the incline in the simulation. Obviously, this would only work for falt and uphill sections, while downhills are like flats.
The indicator would have to be trainer-specific, i.e. quite some research and testing would be required (or a possibility to adjust it in a trial&error method in the game).
It would still be up to the rider, whether to follow the recommendation or not, but I think, it would be great for people, who want more realism with lower budget equipment. 

Hi Jenner, 

Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I can imagine it would be very difficult but I’ll add it on the request list and will see if other people will vote it up so we can put it onto our radar. 

In meantime stay tuned and Ride On!

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