Resistance gets crazy hard on vo2 max repeats

The last few times doing a structured training that has vo2 max repeats resistance becomes impossible hard on vo2. The repeats are times 5 at 195 watts for 3 minutes, then 75 watts 3 minutes and repeat. On the 2nd to 5th repeat of 195 watts after 45 seconds resistance goes so high can’t pedal, stopping doesn’t help and only returns to normal in the 75 watts repeat. Smart trainer Suito with calibration on Zwift. How can I avoid this problem? Is the differential in watts causing this outcome?

Assuming erg mode is on, generally this is a case of pedalling faster.

What happens is that the trainer is trying to maintain a given power output. But the work done is a factor of force x distance - so the slower you pedal, the higher the force (resistance) has to be.

Pedal faster and the resistance is lower, but you do more revolutions per minute so the power (work done) is the same.

A good tip is to start to increase your cadence slightly as you enter the higher power interval, to “get on top of the gear”. Then trust erg mode to do its job.

If you’re pedalling too slowly and it tries to increase the power, you can easily get bogged down forcing a high resistance. Not fun.

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ERG was on. I’ll give the ramp up slowly a try next time and try not to respond too quickly to the MORE POWER alert :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice

The opposite - ramp up quickly (spin up those pedals), but don’t over compensate. It’s a bit of a learnt response, so just experiment a bit until you’ve got it nailed.

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Thanks for the clarification

Agreed. For VO2 max efforts I spin up in 1 maybe 2 seconds tops as the ERG resistance is kicking in. Generally I go from 85-90 rpm up to 100 -105 rpm and sometimes 110.

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