Resistance cycleops Magus


I am new to the Zwift and Indoor Training, I bought the cycleops magus and I am not sure how the resistance work when connected to zwift. can anyone please explain to me how this works? Thanks.

2nd question- on mobile link app how to undo the joined ride. On the event page, the join(checked)button is now greyed out for me.




Your question is a bit general but I’ll try:

  1.  When your trainer is connected to Zwift, Zwift controls the trainer resistance. It does this sending a signal to the trainer and the trainer uses electro-magnetic braking to increase/decrease resistance. 

  2.  To coordinate Zwift’s signals with the resistance on the trainer you will (from time to time) calibrate your trainer. There will be instructions on how to calibrate in the trainer manual. 

  3. Note that there’s also a personal setting in Zwift where you can adjust whether you want your trainer to exactly follow Zwift’s resistance commands or just a fraction. I think it refers to “Difficulty” and basically means ‘I want a 10% hill to feel like a 5% hill’!