Resistance controlled by Zwift

Did my first ride today on a Tacx Neo. Currently no ant+ dongle so connected through Companion app on Android. Zwift did however not control resistance, i.e. no added resistance in hills. The trainer is currently situated in a storage room without WIFI and power. Phone running Companion created a hotspot for the computer. This worked as far as controlling the actions of my avatar, despite seeing Zwift claim that this does not work someplace. Could this be the reason for the lack of resistance? Or is it the lack of power. It was my understanding that the Neo should be able to create resistance without power. Thanks. 

Hi Jørgen,

You are correct that mobile hotspots are not supported for use with the Zwift Companion and it’s possible and even likely that is the reason why you had no controlled resistance on your Tacx Neo.

Please use a WiFi network (standard cable modem and router setup will do nicely), and verify that your Tacx Neo is paired under CONTROLLABLE at the Paired Devices screen. 

If you’re still having problems, please submit a support ticket and one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you.

Ride On!