Resistance abruptly stopped on Wahoo KICKR

This happened on Friday. Then this morning the resistance was noticeably weaker than it should be. I updated the firmware on my KICKR and did a spindown, but its still not right.

This has happened to mine too! Interested to know the info to fix it! I have been riding 15% gradient and not event having to move or of my seat or work harder so it’s defiantly not right
I have checked my settings and completed a spindown

I have the same problem. After last update of the application Zwift in my ipad Pro, the ERG function and average power have stopped working.

 I have Wahoo KICKR with Firmware V3.3.53 which is the latest version.

Additionally the Power Display function does not differentiate between 3sec avg and Intstant, a situation that did not happen in the previous version of Zwift, since when selecting 3sec, the system shows a very unstable power, which is not normal.